Residential Code


Happy to welcome you here, I wish you a peaceful stay of healthy introspection.

For your convenience, please bring: flashlight; umbrella; your own towel; personal items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste); bottle for hydration; mosquito repellent; yoga mat; a notebook; an eye-mask to be placed over the eyes during meditation.

Modo Elefante is a breathing-meditation center with 6 double rooms, spread over a 3-hectare property surrounded by nature. The work groups are always small, thus guaranteeing an intimate and secluded atmosphere.

Here are some additional points:


- Please turn off the room lights every time before leaving.

- Keep main doors closed to prevent animals from entering (foxes, raccoons, snakes...) Likewise, always leave windows closed to prevent water from entering if it rains heavily.

- I appreciate keeping phones outside meditation spots.

- Please adhere to the scheduled times to eat during retreats.

- Modo Elefante does not provide internet or wifi service. Foreigners coming for long stays must get their own SIM-card in town. With this I invite people to make discreet use of their electronic devices in general.

- No tobacco or alcohol, please.

- Visitors must be inside the property before 9:00PM (time flexibility for meditative residents)

- Please keep the kitchens always clean and tidy.


- Our rooms are spacious and above all, simple, representative of a tranquil experience to induce a meditative state without distractions.

- Being an intimate space to sleep, rest or read, the rooms do not have television, radio or internet.

- Modo Elefante recommends cold water baths as a purifying and meditative resource, so the rooms do not have hot water.


- During free time you can use the pool or throw a cloth in the gardens to lie down or meditate while contemplating nature. I ask you to be very careful not to lie near large groups of dry leaves, sticks or dry logs; Likewise, check well the area where you plan to throw the cloth, thus avoiding to come into contact with insects or snakes.

- Enter the pool without oils, bronzers or skin creams of any kind. Otherwise, please shower first with soap to remove the cream / bronzer / oil, before swimming.


- Please enter without cell phones and food.

- Dress in comfortable, baggy clothes, allowing the skin to breathe and the limbs to move smoothly.

Finally: Modo Elefante is a place totally free of prejudices towards races, nationalities, ideological principles, spiritual techniques of any kind, social classes, sexual diversities, political thoughts. I appreciate to keep an environment of peace, respect, healthy freedom, love and above all, good vibes always.