Meditative Gathering


The objective of this gathering is to share ancient breathing meditation techniques to promote emotional empowerment and inner clarity.

Incorporating these techniques into your daily routine will allow you to calibrate the nervous system in a very precise way, which not only improves your perception of reality, but also helps you move more freely within it.

At the gathering we'll explore breathing habits from the oldest era of yoga, as well as meditative tools suitable for all people..

Both the breathing exercises as well as their emotional backgrounds, might vary from one gathering to another.

We train the breath to connect ourselves to an internal source of inexhaustible energy.


If it doesn't rain, there will be a conceptual session for personal practice. Each participant will do it alone somewhere on the property (if it rains we practice inside the meditation hall)


To anyone willing to learn about breathing meditation according to the oldest culture of that yoga that few know.

"...but I don't know anything about meditation, I'm a beginner"

It's ok. Both the breathing and meditative techniques of this program are a very good option to start meditating and bring order to the mind.

"...I'm a regular practitioner, I already have experience"

It's ok. Our approach to meditation and yoga is totally different from what is generally known out there as such.


– Comfortable clothing for meditation and breathing exercises.
– Yoga mat. If you need a cushion to meditate, bring it. If you don't feel comfortable meditating on the floor, you can use our benches.
– Optional: if you have a personal issue around which you seek clarity, this is a safe space to work on it.

"Let your mind wander in the simple. Be one with the infinite. Let all things take their way"
– Chuang Tzu –


Each participant brings their lunch. There are kitchens with refrigerators and basic utensils - no microwaves.

It is recommended to bring simple food to prepare, and easily digestible to avoid discomfort in the afternoon breathing meditation.

Recommendation: avoid red meat, dairy products, legumes and bread; On the other hand, fruits, non-starchy vegetables, salads, brown rice, tuna, oatmeal... go very well.

All styles are welcome: vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians.


8:00AM – Doors open
8:30AM-9:00AM – Presentation
9:00AM-10:30AM – Ancient Yoga & breathing meditation
10:30AM-11:30AM – Breathing meditation
11:30AM-12:00PM – Introspective Dynamics
12:00PM-1:00PM – Free time for lunch
1:00PM-1:30PM – Relaxation
1:30PM-3:30PM – Breathing meditation
3:30PM-4:00PM – Closing Circle
4:00PM-6:30PM – Sunset (optional)

* If you want to stay the night that day and have more sessions, you can do it for an additional cost (check fees and program below in "registration")


I'm Antonio, and I have more than 20 years of experience in meditation and ancient yoga, in India, Nepal and Costa Rica. Here you can read more.



March 25.


Please arrive on time, around 8:00AM.


Modo Elefante is on a 3-hectare property surrounded by nature in Atenas Costa Rica.


US$100 per person

* If you want to stay that day and have other sessions, the additional cost would be US$80 p/person. Check-out time the next day is 12:00PM.

The program would be like this:

8:00PM-9:00PM – Meditation
The next day:
6:30AM-7:30AM – Breathing meditation
8:30AM-9:30AM – Ancient Yoga

* Fees include VAT.

* Keep in mind that the gathering is in Spanish, but the instructions for the practices can be translated into English if necessary; not so the consultations of the participants in the closing circle, or topics considered as non-essential.

* The space is reserved via bank transfer, PayPal or SINPE-Costa Rican-mobile, by paying the entire rate. Tell me to send you the payment information only if you have already decided that you will come, please.

* If you pay in colones, use the sale rate according to the Central Bank of Costa Rica here.


– Ask before payment to check availability.

– I recommend a limited use of electronic devices to have a more organic experience. Modo Elefante does not provide wifi or internet service.

– Please avoid photos or videos during the gathering (once it is finished, is ok)

– Cancellation policy: If cancellation is requested, 50% will be returned during the days after payment. IMPORTANT: seven days before the date of the event no refunds will be done, but if someone cancels, can use 1 day of the Individual Session program during the 10 calendar days following the canceled date. If for some reason Modo Elefante cancels an event, full refund will be done.

Here you can read about the Modo Elefante concept.

Here you can see photos of the place.

Dates 2023: May 20 / July 29 / September 23 / November 18 / December 9.


If you attend the gathering please fill out the following form:

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