Live Meditation


I invite you to meditate with me every Sunday at 7:00PM Costa Rica (GMT -6) on Zoom Live.

Every Sunday I guide a breathing meditation around the vast internal world of emotions and their approach from self-knowledge and introspection.

The idea is to share with you a few breathing patterns from the most ancient times of yoga, whose origin represents a very precise ancestral technology that works directly on the calibration of the nervous system, creating a state of deep relaxation in it and in turn developing our ability to anchor ourselves to the present moment.


Each month there is a different topic developed from Sunday to Sunday through simple breathing exercises suitable for everyone.

Given the particularity of not knowing the participants since practically anyone can connect, in this program I exclude the more complex breathing techniques practiced in the on-site courses and retreats.

"It has become terrifyingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity"
– Albert Einstein


First, the topic of the day is introduced, then the corresponding breathing pattern is practiced (which may sometimes be accompanied by simple physical movements), and finally we meditate.

There is also space for attendees to ask questions, express comments or share experiences.

It doesn't matter if you have meditated before or not, the meditation is open to all people and it is free of charge.


I'm Antonio, and I have more than 20 years of experience in meditation and ancient yoga, in India, Nepal and Costa Rica. Here you can read more.


– It is not necessary to fill out the registration form for this program.

– Each session lasts about 1 hour (they will not be recorded), and it is in spanish.

– To sign up, send a message indicating your desire to join the live meditation group on Sundays. Then you will get the access code.

– The room opens at 7:00PM sharp (Costa Rica time), and closes at 7:05PM.

– I recommend being in a quiet place, alone (or with other people joining the session), ideally with dim lighting, and in a posture that you can maintain comfortably (it doesn't have to be sitting on the floor; in a chair or on the edge of a bed is perfect)

– Very important: have an empty stomach.

– Please keep your camera on throughout the session.

Here you can read about Modo Elefante's concept.