Live Meditation


I invite you to meditate with me every Sunday at 7:00PM Costa Rica (GMT -6) on Zoom Live. Each Sunday I do a short, low-impact breathing meditation, whose emphasis revolves around the vast internal world of emotions and their approach from meditation.

The idea is to share with you a few breathing patterns from the most ancient times of yoga, whose origin represents a very precise ancestral technology that works directly on the calibration of the nervous system, creating a state of deep relaxation in it and in turn developing our ability to anchor ourselves to the present moment.

A different breathing pattern is practiced in each session, or different perspectives of the same pattern are practiced over several Sundays

It doesn’t matter if you have meditated before or not, the meeting is open to all people and it is free of charge.


– Each session lasts between 30-40 minutes (they will not be recorded)

– To sign up, send a message indicating your desire to join the live meditation group on Sundays. Then you will get the access code to the room.

– I’ll do simultaneous translation into English if necessary, for which you should tell me in advance if you’ll require it. If so, I’ll translate the basic instructions.

– The room opens at 7:00PM sharp (Costa Rica time). First I briefly explain the meditation and breathing pattern for the day and then we start practicing.

– At 7:05PM access is closed.

– Please keep your camera on throughout the session.

Here you can read about Modo Elefante’s concept, and here a bit about my story.

See you there! – Antonio.

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