The Concept

Modo Elefante is a breathing-meditation center with 6 double rooms, spread over a 3-hectare property surrounded by nature. The work groups are always small, thus guaranteeing an intimate and secluded atmosphere.

The center is entirely secular in nature. Here spirituality revolves around the universal principles of consciousness, love and simplicity, regardless of any religious movement.

Below you can get a broader idea of the project, reviewing its fundamental practical-theoretical bases.


The really deep moments in meditation are unpredictable, unique, unforgettable, always unrepeatable and, generally, indescribable. They are like a trip of self-discovery through unexplored internal lands, which is completed only when we open our eyes with perceptions of the beyond different from those who have never embarked on experiences of this kind... They are like the episode of a ceremony which celebrates connecting to an inner source of inexhaustible energy.

The routines in Modo Elefante are based on ancestral meditation techniques, breathing exercises and physical movement practices from ancient yoga culture, as they did in lay spiritual communities of old India thousands of years ago.


Breathing meditation is practiced to access the emotional forces of body and mind. Breathing is a physiological process of energy absorption and the way we breathe triggers vibrations that influence our entire being.

Breathing is directly connected to the brain and central nervous system, being the most vital process of the human structure. It is also connected to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain involved in emotional responses. The hypothalamus in turn is responsible for transforming perception into cognitive experience.

In this way, Modo Elefante uses breathing as a fundamental axis of self-knowledge, and it does so through ancestral patterns to create states of deep connection in order to observe ourselves from an internal perspective different from the usual one.


Ancient yoga is simple, secular, poetic and based on a meditative trend according to the principles that gave rise to it in classical India.

Its most basic objective is to strengthen the following four faculties of the mind through yogic postures and breathing exercises:

I. Skill.
II. Detachment.
III. Knowledge.
IV. Power.

It also sees life holistically with the following four pillars:

I. Healthy diet.
II. Healthy recreation.
III. Healthy routines.
IV. Healthy thoughts.


Samkhya is one of the first philosophical structures of humankind and the theoretical framework of ancient yoga (it begins to take shape about 3,000 years ago)

In it, for the first time, the human mind dares to question the concepts of consciousness and evolution without having to go to a divine entity to answer its questions.

The result: an elegant 25-point outline of the evolution of consciousness, exhibiting complete freedom of thought along with a reliance on agnostic wisdom.


Movement at the level of joints and endocrine and nervous systems is key, since in the body our entire emotional spectrum, our reactions and program of beliefs are densified.

By doing physical exercise together with specific breathing patterns, we create balance in these systems, which opens a channel of energy that goes directly to the mind, where the true process of self-knowledge and healing driven by meditation begins.

Both the meditations as well as the breathing patterns practiced in Modo Elefante generate a degree of movement designed to remove the emotional energy lodged in the different parts of the body.


Cold water is one of the most powerful elements to stimulate cellular intelligence and activate the nervous and immune systems.

Hence, cold water baths change the way in which fluids such as blood and lymph flow through our entire physical structure; the blood vessels contract during the cold, and then expand when the body warms up again after bathing.

This process helps to eliminate stored metabolic waste in the body, increases the production of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, brings oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, and strengthens the physical-mental structure in its entirety, which considerably optimizes our meditative experience.

Therefore, in Elephant Mode I promote the practice of taking cold showers before practising breathing meditations (there's no hot water in the rooms).

Hope to see you soon!