Human Being


* Note: Human Being 2023 is in progress right now; 2024 program will be announced soon. The course is conducted in spanish.

This is an intensive course aimed at people who are 100% committed to learn the furthest secrets of meditation, while embarking on an adventure through the deep waters of the mind.

This requires the will to face many of the emotions and unconscious patterns during the 4 months of the course, as well as an openness to a sincere inner transformation that helps to codify peace, tranquility and wisdom.

Ser Humano (Human Being) will take place from April 15 to August 13, and it'll be composed of on-site weekend retreats, 1-day silent retreats and weekly online sessions, in which the practice of the main ancestral techniques of breathing meditation and ancient yoga will be covered, as well as their most important theoretical, scientific, historical and anthropological aspects.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive booklet with tables and illustrations on the topics and techniques practiced, as well as a certificate of completion of the program upon successful completion of it.

* No previous experience in meditation is required.

"Accept what comes, accept what goes, discover what remains"
– Ramana Maharshi –


In the following pdf file you will find all the information, detail by detail about the dynamics, dates and contents of the course

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