4-Months Course

Human Being


Scheduled to start in March 2023, with Human Being I seek to embark on a deep and revealing journey through ancient techniques of breathing meditation and ancient yoga.

This implies not only facing many of our emotions and habitual patterns during the 4 months of the course, but also a total transformation towards the wisdom that life invites us to codify internally in order to live more serene.

Hence, Human Being is an intensive experience aimed at people who are seriously committed to learning the furthest secrets of meditation, while living an adventure through the vast and unexplored inner universe of themselves.

* No previous experience in meditation or yoga is required.


The course is composed of:

– 8 on-site weekend retreats at Modo Elefante (1 retreat every two weeks)

– 4 on-site silent retreats of 1 day at Modo Elefante Atenas (1 Sunday per month)

– 4 online retreats of 1 day (1 Sunday per month)

– Theoretical-meditative online sessions (2 night sessions of 1.5 hours each, per week)

* Modo Elefante is on a 3-hectare property surrounded by nature in Atenas Costa Rica (1 hour from San Jose)


– Each participant will receive a printed booklet with extensive information on the techniques to be practiced; historical data; study charts; illustrations; meditation physiology; ancient yoga anthropology and culture; classical Indian schools of thought… and other relevant topics so that the course is also a theoretical experience supporting the practice.

– Important fact: the course is NOT a meditation teacher training.

– Dates, fees, payment methods and full content program will be announced here on Monday, September 18.


To anyone seeking for clarity to manage their inner world, in hand with meditation and the ancient respiratory science.

Similarly, being a practical and theoretical course, it is also aimed at people inquisitive about the historical, anthropological and scientific origin of meditation, as well as the different schools of thought of ancient India that delved into the realm of the mind, the evolution of consciousness, the universe and the human being.

Therefore, Human Being is an experience open to everyone, from beginners to people with intermediate levels, regular practitioners, health and wellness workers, yoga teachers, or therapists from any other alternative branch.

If you want me to add you to the list of interested people, send me your email to meditar@modoelefante.org

* Course will be in Spanish.

With love,

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