Your Own Retreat


Your Own Retreat is based on a totally personal experience of meditation (or for couples or small groups), ideal for the development of much more precise objectives, in a deep, private and calm way.

With this program I invite you to join me in my daily routine here where I live, a place surrounded by nature and spaces to meditate.

In the program I share breathing meditation and ancient yoga techniques adapted to your own motivations, which can be emotional, or for stress relief, or simply experience the benefits of meditation to apply them in your usual routine.

Depending on the length of your stay, there are the following two programs:

"Walk as if you were kissing the ground with your feet. Be aware of your surroundings"
– Thich Nhat Hanh –


Minimum 2 days / 2 nights.

Practical sessions every day you stay here.  You'll have three daily sessions of 1 hr. each, with support and guidance available in each part of the process (we arrange the schedule of the sessions once you come)

You will also receive additional instructions to practice the exercises in the assigned space within your room. This will be key to making your retreat a highly introspective experience.

Single room
(if you come alone)
US$150 /night

Own bathroom and kitchen.

Double room
(if you come with another person)
US$110 /night per person

Own bathroom and kitchen.

* Fees with VAT included.
* Meals not included.
* Please read the notes and reservation process at the bottom of this page.


1 week (6 nights)

Program for long stays and the development of much more concrete and specific personal objectives.

Aimed at people with a sincere interest in meditation, artists, or travellers looking for an introspective experience in a local, private and quiet environment.

I'll guide your routine daily with ancestral techniques of meditation and ancient yoga, accompanied by an exhaustive work on the culture of breathing to process emotional events.

Single room
(if you come alone)
Own bathroom and kitchen

Double room
(if you come with another person)
US$560 /per person
Own bathroom and kitchen

* Fees with VAT included.
* Meals not included.
* Please read the notes and registration process at the bottom of this page.

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving: your own self"
– Aldous Huxley


I'm Antonio, and I have more than 20 years of experience in meditation and ancient yoga, in India, Nepal and Costa Rica. Here you can read more.


– Once the date is defined, it is set aside for only 2 days, after which it will be free for another person if it is not reserved via bank transfer, PayPal or SINPE-Costa Rican-mobile.

– Currently, reservations must be made 1 month in advance for retreats on weekends, and 2 weeks in advance for retreats on weekdays.

– The space is reserved via bank transfer, PayPal or SINPE-Costa Rican-mobile by paying the entire chosen fee. Tell me to send you the payment information only if you have already decided that you will come, please.

– If you pay in colones, use the sale rate according to the Central Bank of Costa Rica here.

– Check-in / check-out time is 2:00PM.

– Participants must indicate their motivation to come, in order to adapt the practice to their personal goals.

– Dates are scheduled so that there are no more than two bubbles at the same time, thus guaranteeing personalised work.

– Modo Elefante closes at 9:00PM every day (flexible hours for long stays)

– People are free to go out at any moment and distributing their free time as they wish.

– The programs are only for people over 21 years old.

– Not suitable for children, teenagers or pets.

– No tobacco or alcohol please.

– Modo Elefante is a meditation center, not a therapy one. People suffering from depression, psychiatric/mental pathologies or addictions of any kind, please consider other options since the place lacks the human, medical and technological resources to treat such situations.

– We offer an infrastructure for people to spend moments of introspection. Part of the concept is to disconnect a bit from the usual routine, so we do not offer wifi, internet or television service.

– The meditative health proposal at Modo Elefante includes cold water baths; the rooms do not have hot water.

– Cancellation policy: people who cancel their stay will have the opportunity to make a replacement during the 10 calendar days after the original date.

Here you can read about the Modo Elefante concept.

Here you can read the Residential Code.

Here you can see photos of the place.


If you attend the program please fill out the following form:

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