From Modo Elefante I will always have the honor of celebrating the eternal bond with The Yoga Institute India, the oldest yoga school in the world.

I take the opportunity to express to the founders of The Yoga Institute, the Yogendra family, especially Dr. Hansaji and the eternal spirit of Dr. Jayadeva, my deepest and infinite gratitude for having welcomed me so lovingly into their home to live with them, both in times of glory and misery and health and disease, during the years that I was in Mumbai. From the deepest part of the soul, may love, peace and harmony always be at their side.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to Hrishi Yogendra, son of Dr. Hansaji and today assistant-director of The Yoga Institute, for the help and trust granted to Modo Elefante so that we together, from both sides of the world, can transmit the legacy of yoga and meditation in its purest form.

* In the photo: me at The Yoga Institute, 2011.