4-Months Course

4-Months Course

Scheduled for 2023, the objective of this course is to experience, through the practice of meditation, ancient yoga and breathing trances, the union of all the parts of our being with the inner wisdom and the consequent transmutation of discordant elements in a serenity directed to the forces of life.

This implies not only facing many of our emotional ghosts, but also a total transformation in tune with the wisdom that we seek to establish internally. Hence, the course is an intensive experience aimed at all people.


The course will be made up of 10 on-site weekend retreats at Modo Elefante, five 1-day online retreats, and other theoretical sessions also in virtual format.

Participants will receive their booklet with all the information on techniques, historical data, study charts, meditation physiology, ancient yoga anthropology and culture, classical Indian schools of thought, and other relevant topics so that the course is also a theoretical experience which supports the practice.

Important fact: the course is not a Teacher Training.

Both the exact dates and fees are being defined at this time.

The complete program with all its contents will be announced soon.

If you want me to add you to the list of interested people, send me your email to meditar@modoelefante.org

* Course will be in Spanish.

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